How Can I Make My Hair Extensions Blend Seamlessly?

Publish date:

20 Oct 2023

How Can I Make My Hair Extensions Blend Seamlessly?

Get That Seamless Blend with Clip-In Hair Extensions and Human Hair

Are you looking to enhance blending, and to get the most out of your hair extensions? We’ve got the secrets to seamlessly blending your clip-in hair extensions, crafted with high-quality human hair.

By using these clever hair hacks, you'll not only achieve a smoother blend with your clip-in hair extensions but also maximize the potential of your extensions by strategically placing them to enhance the fullness. This is truly a game-changing technique!

Hack 1: Pin up the bottom section of your hair for Clip-In Hair Extensions

Regardless of your hair type, this hair hack is the holy grail for achieving the smoothest blend possible. It not only reduces the volume of your natural hair, making it finer (which in turn allows for better integration with extensions) but also conceals any shorter strands that might otherwise protrude.

Parting for clipins

To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • Begin by creating a section in your natural hair, positioned just above your ears.
  • Proceed to braid the hair located below this section.
  • Secure the braid flat against your head using bobby pins.
  • Finally, continue by attaching your clip-in hair extensions above the created section.

For a more detailed demonstration, watch this video featuring Jordan Lipscombe showcasing the blending technique with our 18'' Megababe 10 Piece Clip-in Set. (Skip to 5.18 minutes)

Hack 2: Placement

Clip-in placement

You might not be aware, but where you place your clip-in hair extensions is a crucial factor not only for blending but also for achieving maximum thickness. This technique is especially significant for our range of clip-in sets, which includes the 5 piece, 8 piece, and 10 piece sets. The closer you position each clip-in piece, the more voluminous your hair extensions will appear. Let's delve into how to achieve this effect:

After implementing the initial blending method and securing the lower section of your hair, here's the secret to achieving the thickest look: clip all the pieces above this section, avoiding any placement below it within the braided area. This method works wonders for all our hair extension sets, whether it's the 5, 8, or 10 piece set, and it's been tested on a wide range of individuals. Simply make sure the spaces between the pieces are minimal, and you'll witness a remarkable transformation, giving your hair extensions an incredibly thick appearance.

Hack 3: Styling for Seamless Integration

Dyson airwap on clip-insDyson airwap on clip-ins curled

Upon arrival, when you initially attach your hair extensions, they will appear straight but gradually acquire a lovely blowout-inspired curl towards the tips. If you’re looking to enhance the integration and achieve a more harmonious blend, we recommend introducing some waves or curls to your extensions at this stage.

For optimal results, we suggest curling the extensions once they are securely clipped in. When curling, be sure to include a section of your natural hair along with a section of the extensions for each curl. This technique guarantees the most flawless blend.

Be sure to watch this video featuring Jordan Lipscombe as she beautifully curls her natural hair in with our Megababe 10 Piece Clip-In Set.