Publish date:

11 May 2023


If you’re looking to upgrade your current hair look and want a product that can instantly switch up your look, our High-5 set is the perfect set if you’re looking to add subtle volume and length! Additionally, this set is great for those with fine hair.

'High-5' is made up from five seamless clip-in pieces that lie flat & undetectably hidden within your own hair. The small tracks are great for adding volume to the front sections of your hair whereas the bigger tracks are perfect for adding volume!

The great thing about this set is that not only are there a huge variety or colour options, but you can also choose two different lengths. The babes who are looking to add a subtle difference can go for the 18 inch options but those who are looking to make a statement can go for 22 inches!

If you haven’t got your set yet - be sure to head over to our site now so you can achieve your dream hair in minutes! For our top tips on how to install our High-5 set, keep reading…

The tools you will need:

  1. First, start with detangling your own hair to ensure that the hair extension clips don’t feel uncomfortable and get caught on any tangles!
  2. Separate all the hair wefts that you are using starting with the smallest ones with the less clips and the biggest with the most clips. When installing your extensions, it is easier to start at the nape of your neck and then work your way upwards. By separating them it will help you see which one to select.
  3. Starting with the smallest weft, section off the lower section of your hair (nape of your neck) and clip away the rest of your hair up. Check the horizontal part that you made in the mirror to ensure that it is even. Continue doing this process and work your way up through the wefts.
  4. Save the biggest wefts for the crown area of your head as these are effective for adding length and thickness! See our below image guide on where to apply this set.
  • Once you have added all the wefts, do a check round your whole head to make sure that no wefts are visible. Everything should look seamless! Give your head a gentle shake and see if there are any visible gaps.
  • Now that you have finished with the installation, you can move onto styling your hair extensions in whichever way you choose. You may want to make use of the hairs’ beautiful natural wavy texture for an effortless look!

To see our HIGH-5 set in action, watch this transformation:

Please also remember that If you need an extra helping hand with the installation process or you're experiencing an issue with the hair or clip quality, you can email Please don't attempt to fix the clip-ins yourself as you can make them worse & avoid your guarantee!

Good luck Gee Babe!