What hair extensions should I choose?

Publish date:

20 Oct 2023

What hair extensions should I choose?

Welcome to our exclusive guide to help you navigate our product range and choose the right clip-in extensions for you. Your hair transformation journey begins here, where making the right choice is the key to a flawless blend!

Length and Volume for Fine Hair:

If your hair’s fine and you’re looking for undeniably natural length and thickness, then we would recommend either the 'High-5' Five Piece Clip-in Set or the 'Multiway Weft' Halo Hair Extension for you.

Length and Volume for Fine Hair image

Not only will they add length but they will also provide that much-needed thickness to your hair. The choice between them ultimately comes down to your personal preference. Are you a fan of the convenience of clipping in multiple pieces with the five piece clip in set, or do you prefer the one-step, clip-free attachment of the Halo Hair Extension?

It’s worth noting that the Halo Hair Extensions blend best with wispy hair types and that we always recommend pairing them with a set of ‘Face Framers’ to fill out the hairs to the front.

For those with fine hair who have shorter hairs to front like this:

Shorter hairs at front image
Shorter hairs at front image 2

If your hair resembles the images above and you have shorter hairs to the front, we recommend considering adding an additional set of the 'Face Framers’ to the 5 Piece Clip-in Set or the Halo Hair Extension. These handy additions will provide that extra volume needed to help fill out the front sections, ensuring a seamless blend with your extensions. Alternatively, you can explore the option of the 'Soul M8' Eight Piece Clip-in Set, which includes two sets of Face Framers for that ultimate voluminous effect.

Volume for fine hair:

If you’re struggling with fine hair but satisfied with your length then you’re looking for a volume boost. We would recommend our Clip-in ‘Volumizer’ and/or the ‘Face Framers’ Two Piece Clip-in Set. Feel free to wear them together, or separately for the ultimate volume boost. Below the model is wearing two 'Volumizers' and a set of 'Face Framers'.

Volume for fine hair image

Length and Volume for medium Hair:

If you have a medium thickness to your hair and you’re looking to add length and volume then we would recommend our ‘Soul M8’ Eight Piece Clip-in Set for you, offering the perfect balance of volume and length. Available in 18 and 22 inches, providing the best matched thickness to complement your natural hair.

Length and Volume for medium Hair image
Length and Volume for medium Hair image 2

Length and Volume for thicker Hair/blunt cuts:

Achieve a stunning full transformation with our thickest set yet, the ‘Megababe’ Ten Piece Clip-in Set. Specifically designed with the perfect amount of pieces for thicker hair types and blunt cuts, providing major length and volume without compromising on a natural look. This is our most luxurious and voluminous extension set!

Length and Volume for thicker Hair/blunt cuts image

Choosing the perfect hair extensions can be a struggle, it starts with knowing your hair type. Whether you have fine strands or thicker hair, there's an ideal set of Gee Hair extensions for you. Take a look at the options mentioned above and discover the amazing difference the right hair extensions can make. If you’re still struggling to decide, then please email support@geehair.com or WhatsApp.