Get the most from your hair extensions.


  • Washing

    Wash your hair extensions as little as hygienically possible, this not only prevents fading and damage but also conserves water and lessens your impact on the environment. Washing will remove moisture, referring to natural elements like hair oil and decrease longevity. When you do decide to wash your hair extensions, remember these simple rules:

    • Washing once a month may be considered excessive; ideally, it's recommended to wash no more frequently than every 3-4 months.
    • Your 'Hair Hanger' protects tracks where clips are attached, saves time, and simplifies washing hair extensions. Watch the hanger in action.
    • Prior to washing, use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair extensions.
    • Use hair extension-specific products for washing.
    • Avoid getting the tracks (where the clips are attached) wet, as this can cause rare issues such as shedding, peeling or snapping due to water absorption.
    • Apply a small amount of product to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair extensions while avoiding the tracks where the clips are attached.
    • To refresh your hair extensions, it is best to avoid shampoo and use conditioner. Shampoo should only be used when necessary as it removes natural oils from the hair, which can affect the color and texture. This is particularly noticeable with darker shades.
    • To prevent product build-up, ensure to thoroughly rinse your hair extensions.
    • After washing your hair extensions, apply the selected hair mask and gently comb through to restore the hair's natural oils.
    • Tip: After applying the mask, use 'RemySoft BlueMax Protective Sealer' to seal in moisture and protect your hair extensions.
    • After washing, gently squeeze out any excess water and allow your hair extensions to air dry. Avoid towel-drying and blow-drying, as these methods can impact the quality of your hair extensions.


    • To refresh your hair extensions between washes, consider hanging them outside to air out and eliminate any odors.
    • The rate at which the colour of the hair fades may vary due to the porosity of the hair, which is determined by genetics. Please note, hair extensions that fade over time are not considered a manufacturing defect, as this is a natural occurrence with coloured hair.
    • To improve the manageability of your hair extensions over time, you may find that using a clarifying shampoo can help remove product build-up, which can make them feel heavy and difficult to style. To prevent this from happening, we recommend applying only a minimal amount of product.
  • Heat-styling
    • Minimise heat styling as much as possible to prevent damage and prolong the lifespan of your hair extensions.
    • Use your 'Hair Hanger' to assist with styling. Check out the how-to video. Avoid applying heat directly on the tracks where the clips are attached.
    • Heat style as minimally as possible at a temperature no higher than 120 degrees using a heat-protectant formulated for hair extensions. Please avoid applying direct heat on the tracks (where the clips are attached) and use your 'Hair Hanger' to assist with styling.

    • Consider exploring alternative methods to style your hair extensions, such as using heat-free curlers or embracing the natural textures of the hair extensions.
    • To prevent any potential colour alteration, it is important to avoid overheating your hair extensions. We recommend using heat-styling tools with temperature control and not exceeding 120 degrees.
    • The ends of your hair extensions are the oldest part, and require the most care. Avoid using heat on the ends, as they can become dry and split easily. It is usual for the ends to need a regular trim, just like your natural hair, to keep them looking fresh and healthy.
    • Avoid using a radiator to heat style your hair extensions, as it can make them lifeless and cause the hair to break.

    FACT: How well human hair extensions hold curls is determined by the genetics of the hair.

  • Brushing
    • Always hold your hair extensions below the tracks and start detangling from the ends, working your way upwards gently.
    • We do not recommend brushing your hair extensions when attached to your hair as it can cause damage to your hair, including the root, which may result in hair thinning or loss. .
    • Brushing your hair extensions too aggressively or while wet can cause shedding and snapping of the tracks (where the clips are attached).
    • To minimize static electricity, it is best to avoid plastic combs and brushes. Additionally, metal brushes can be harsh on the hair shaft and may cause breakage. Instead, we recommend using boar-bristle brushes and wooden combs, which are gentler on the hair.
    • Static hair is a common occurrence caused by an electric charge buildup in the hair, often resulting from friction or changes in humidity. Please note that we do not consider static hair a manufacturing fault. To address this issue, we recommend using anti-static sheets to neutralize the charge and help restore your hair extensions natural look.
  • Product advice
    • Use gentle products formulated for human hair extensions. Hair extensions are no longer attached to a blood supply or a scalp nourishing it with oils, vitamins and minerals, so they are more delicate than your hair.
    • When applying the chosen product, coat your hair extensions first and then comb through gently, starting at the ends.
    • Avoid as many products as possible to prevent build-up. Hair spray and oils are a NO. Oils possess adhesive properties that can potentially block the cuticle, hindering its breathability. Additionally, oils don't introduce moisture; instead, they act as sealants, trapping existing moisture. Consequently, if your hair extensions are already lacking moisture, applying oils may exacerbate their dryness. Over time this will cause tangling and friction. Suncream should also be avoided, as it contains chemicals that can alter the colour of hair extensions.
  • Colouring advice
    • We highly advise against any alterations to the colour of your hair extensions, including the use of permanent or semi-permanent dyes, toning, or sprays. These extensions have already undergone a colouring process, and attempting to recolour them may yield unpredictable results due to the genetic composition of the human hair. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the outcome if you decide to proceed with a second round of colouring. To ensure the longevity and quality of your hair extensions, we recommend avoiding any further coloring treatments.
    • If you decide to colour against our advice, here are some tips:
    • Use your Hanger to assist with colouring, as you want to avoid the tracks (where the clips are attached).
    • Rinse your hair extensions, as any product on the hair extensions may act as a barrier. 
    • Avoid bleaching. 
    • Test a patch of the hair extensions first to check results. 
  • Cutting advice

    Split ends will develop naturally on human hair extensions, which is the nature of human hair. You may trim the hair extensions if needed.

  • Storing advice
    • Ensure your hair extensions are clean, as any remaining product can damage the hair over time.
    • Use your Hanger to store your hair extensions, or use your Travel/Storage Bag with the netting.
    • Store your hair extensions away from sunlight as the colour can fade.
  • Sleeping advice

    We do not advise you to sleep with your hair extensions clipped in, as it causes damage to your natural hair and scalp, potentially resulting in hair thinning/loss.

  • Swimming advice

    Avoid chlorine or salt water because it deteriorates the hair quality and can potentially promote shedding if the water seeps into the area where the clips are attached to the tracks.

    FACT: Chlorine and salt water strip the hair extensions oils, colour and moisture, making it dry/discoloured and very uneasy to manage.

  • Weather advice

    Hair extensions require higher maintenance in warmer climates, as exposure to the sun can fade/alter the colour, lead to breakage, lose in elasticity, split ends and lack of shine.

    Regulary apply a UV protection formulated for hair extensions.

    Avoid wearing hair extensions in extreme weather conditions, such as storms. Wind and rain can frizz up your hair extensions, causing tangling and matting.

  • Tracks
    • Heavy-handed brushing or brushing your hair extensions wet can cause the tracks (where the clips are attached) to shed/snap.
    • Avoid wetting the tracks (where the clips are attached) as on rare occasions the water can be absorbed which results in shedding, peeling or snapping. 

    NOTE: Tracks that break or where shedding occurs from general wear and tear, this will be exempt from any claim.

  • Clips
    • Spare clips are included with each clip-in hair extension order, incase you want to re-fresh.
    • Handle the clips with care. The clips are a seperate entity stitched onto the tracks. Misuse of the clips will result in breaking or detaching from the track.
    • Should clips become loose due to wear and tear or misuse, you can easily re-stich them onto the track.

      TIP: Use your Hanger to store your hair extensions to prolong longevity of the clips.

      NOTE: Clips that become loose from general wear and tear are exempt from any claim.
  • Hook attachements/wires
    • Handle the hook attachments and wires with care. The hook attachments are a seperate entity stitched onto the track. Force applied, such as pulling, will detatch the hook attachments from the track. Misuse of the wires will result in the wire over stretching or breaking.
    • Should the hook attachment become loose due to wear and tear or misuse, you can easily re-stich it onto the track.

      NOTE: Loose hook attachments and broken wires from general wear and tear are exempt from any claim.
  • In general
    • We advise that our clip-in hair extensions should only be worn as intended, as clip-ins.

    We take pride in our high-quality human hair extensions, and we want our customers to enjoy their extensions to the fullest. However, it's important to note that there are several factors that can contribute to a decrease in the quality of the hair extensions, including washing, heat-styling, colouring, cutting, incorrect storage, product application and exposure to certain climates. To ensure that your hair extensions maintain their quality and longevity, we recommend following our care instructions carefully. Failure to follow our guidelines may result in a void of the quality guarantee, and we cannot be held liable for any damage caused by improper use or aftercare.

    If you encounter any issues with your clip-in hair extensions, please contact our customer service team immediately. If any problems arise with your hair extensions, they should become apparent upon receipt, and in order to claim on your guarantee, you have a 30-day window to notify us of any issues. It's important to share your full aftercare routine with us so that we can better understand the situation and provide the most appropriate solution. Please note that if you do not provide us with all of the necessary information about the aftercare of your extensions, we may need to seek a second opinion from a third party. We want to ensure that we fully understand the issue before proceeding with any resolution, and this may take some additional time.

    We prioritize the health and safety of our customers' natural hair and scalp. If you feel any pulling or discomfort while wearing our hair extensions, we recommend adjusting the position of the extensions or selecting a more suitable weight for your hair type. Please note that pulling on your natural hair can cause damage to both the hair and scalp, and we cannot be held liable for any such damage resulting from improper attachment or use of our extensions.

    We want our customers to enjoy their hair extensions safely and responsibly. We recommend taking appropriate care while wearing the extensions and avoiding activities that may lead to a potential head injury, such as sports or excessive alcohol consumption. Please note that improper use or care of our hair extensions may result in damage or injury, and we cannot be held liable for any such damage or injury resulting from such use.

    We want our customers to prioritize their health and safety above all else. We strongly recommend that individuals with medical issues relating to the head, scalp, or hair consult with their healthcare provider before wearing our hair extensions. Please note that improper use or care of our hair extensions may result in damage or injury, and we cannot be held liable for any such damage or injury resulting from such use.

    We take product safety seriously and want to ensure that our customers use our products safely and responsibly. Please note that our hair extensions are not suitable for use on children, and the product and packaging should be kept out of their reach.

    Additionally, please be aware that our hair extensions are flammable and should be kept away from fire or any source of heat.

    Experience the finest with our 100% human hair extensions, meticulously crafted in a state-of-the-art factory. It's important to note that while our production facility also handles synthetic hair extensions, any possibility of contamination is exceptionally rare. In the unlikely event that a few strands are affected, simply plucking them out is all it takes. Rest assured, this minor occurrence will not compromise the overall quality of your hair extensions, ensuring you enjoy the flawless look and exceptional durability you deserve.

    Discover the artistry behind our handcrafted hair extensions, where each piece is meticulously created with care. As a result of this meticulous craftsmanship, slight variations in size and shape may occur, adding a touch of uniqueness to each set. Embrace the beauty of these subtle differences, as they reflect the artisanal nature of our extensions. Rest assured, these variations do not compromise the overall quality or performance of our products, ensuring you receive nothing less than exceptional hair extensions that elevate your style to new heights.