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Which Hair Extensions are Best for Your Hair Type?

Hair extensions can work magic on any and all hair types, but what many of us find difficult is knowing how to make extensions work best for your hair, especially if it’s short or thin. But the world of hair extensions is vast and varied, and there’s always going to be something suitable for you out there! Read on to find out just what that might be.

Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

Tape-in hair extensions—if your hair is on the finer side, these are what you need. These extensions are a more permanent option than clip-ins, meaning less day-to-day hassle, and due to their flat fit and almost invisible tape, they’re practically undetectable. They blend in super easily with natural hair due to their flatness and the quality of the hair itself, which is what makes them so great for thinner hair!

It’s so important that your extensions are high quality so they can keep up with your natural hair and create the most seamless finish possible. And ‘high quality’ means 100% natural Remy human hair like what we use at Gee Hair.

Our halo hair extensions are a great way to achieve thickness & length without the damage for those with finer, wispier hair types. They are extremely easy to wear and the seamless, lightweight design means that our halo extensions can be easily applied & go undetected in any hair.

Best Hair Extensions for Thick Hair

The best hair extensions for thick hair will always be Remy human hair extensions. These will always look the most natural because the cuticles on them have been aligned, meaning they are all facing the same direction and the hair will remain tangle-free and natural-looking. Not to mention Remy hair is super durable and manageable; it’ll handle any style you want, and it’ll do it with the quality that you should come to expect from your extensions.

Clip-ins are a good option if your hair is medium thickness or more. You should always remember to match the thickness of the extension to your hair, so if you have very thick hair you’ll want to choose heavier, fuller extensions to match. Otherwise you’ll risk looking like you don’t have enough hair!

Our Megababe 10 piece clip in extensions set is highly recommended for those of you with thicker hair types, with 255–300 grams of our top quality, 100% natural Remy hair to ensure you get the best results and the most luxurious head of hair humanly possible!

Best hair extensions

Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Tape extensions are your best choice for short hair, given the fact that tape is near invisible and won’t pull on your natural hair like clips—short hair is likely to be able to take less weight than long hair, so you want to make sure your extensions aren’t too heavy.

Our ‘Multiway Weft’ one piece halo extension is suitable for finer hair types meaning it’s not too thick and heavy, which also makes it a good choice for shorter hair due to its flat, small clips that enable it to blend into your natural hair so well. And of course it’s made of natural, ethically-sourced Remy human hair, meaning you’ll get the most natural finish and be able to style it however you like.

And speaking of styling, the most important thing when it comes to hair extensions is blending, especially for those with short hair—we recommend going to a hairdresser and having your hair extensions layered for a more seamless blend. Giving your hair texture through curls or waves is another great way to have your natural hair blend well with extensions, especially if your natural hair is on the shorter side.

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Best Hair Extensions for Long Hair

It might be easy to dismiss hair extensions if you already have long hair, but as well as giving length, extensions can be a great way to add volume to your hair, or to give your style that extra boost it needs to go from everyday to glam.

What you might need may differ slightly depending on whether you have thin or thick hair, but our ‘Volumizer’ one piece hair extension is something that’s bound to leave your hair looking amazing no matter what. Coming in four different thicknesses, you’re sure to find something that’s just right for you.

Extensions made from 100% natural Remy human hair will always be the best choice, and this is no different—after all, you want extensions that are just as natural as your own hair, right? If you have longer hair and you’re just looking for that little boost, rather than giving your hair an entirely different look, we recommend our ‘Face Framers’—a two piece seamless clip in extension set that will give your look a subtle but effective push in the right direction, accentuating your facial features and giving your hair some shape at the front.

Best Hair Extensions for Curly Hair

As always, natural Remy human hair extensions are the absolute best option here, due to their manageability and ability to be styled with heat. If you’re looking to use some of our top quality extensions to improve your look, whether it’s a full set or just a one piece, there are certainly ways to make our extensions work for you and look amazing!

Curling Wand

There are multiple ways of curling your extensions, no matter if you’re a 2b, a 3c or even a 4a. Hair curlers are a tried and true method of getting defined curls that aren’t too tight—just be sure to use some heat protection spray on your extensions beforehand!

If you find yourself having some difficulty styling your hair extensions, we recommend our must-have extension tool, Gee Hair’s hair extension hanger, which is guaranteed to make the styling process so much easier. And not just for using a curling wand, either!

Heat-free Braids

A heat-free method of getting some beautiful mermaid waves in your extensions is to wet the extensions with water or sea salt solution, then braid them in simple 3-strand plaits—the smaller the plait, the tighter the waves will be. Leave them to dry completely, then when you pick them apart you’ll have some gorgeous waves!

Boiling to Create Curls

Our third and final method is one that we only recommend if you know what you’re doing, but it’s one that can be super effective, especially if you want tighter curls—boiling your hair extensions. Yes, you heard correctly. This is actually how a lot of professionals will give hair extensions a permanent curl, and it’s one reason why it’s so important to invest in top quality extensions like the ones here at Gee Hair; the better quality the extensions, the better the results from styling them will be, and when we say natural Remy hair extensions are durable enough to be able to withstand any styling method you throw at them, we mean it.

The boiling method involves filling a large pot with water and a touch of oil (like grapeseed oil or extra virgin olive oil), then using rollers or perm rods to curl your extensions. Once the curls are tightly fastened, you want to submerge the whole thing into the boiling water, then let it boil for at least two hours. Then, rather than waiting for the water to cool, remove the weft(s) with some tongs to prevent burning yourself on either the water, the pot or the hair, then once it’s cooled enough to touch, stretch the wefts out to air-dry for at least 4 hours, before removing the rods.

We also recommend our hair extension hanger for this method, as it can really help with the air-drying process and get you the best results!


The Bottom Line: What are the Best Hair Extensions For Different Hair Types?

In the growing market of hair extensions, one thing we can be sure of is that the best extensions are always Remy 100% natural human hair. Trust us, it’s so worth it to invest in real Remy hair extensions, regardless of your hair type. That way you know that whether you’re curling them, straightening them, wearing them long-term or short-term, you’re always going to have the most natural look possible.

If you’ve used hair extensions before, you’ll most likely know what works for you—whether your hair works better with the subtleness of near-invisible tape or you have a preference for clip-ins, whether you’re looking to rock a 10 piece set or if you just need a simple halo one piece extension to achieve your desired look, here at Gee Hair we’ve got you covered!

If you’re still unsure which hair extensions are right for you, don’t worry. Check out our handy Help Me Choose guide, where we guide you through the process to achieving your dream hair goals.

We hope this guide has been useful in providing you with everything you need to know about the best hair extensions for different hair types.

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