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How To Create Different Looks With Hair Extensions

Once upon a time, achieving hairstyles to rival even the most Facetuned Instagram models might have been a distant dream. But hair extensions can help you realise that dream, and we’re going to tell you exactly how you can create some seamless, Insta-worthy looks.

Celebrity hair stylist Luke Pluckrose regularly uses Gee Hair's 100% natural remy clip-in hair extensions and has styled hair for the likes of Kim Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra & Ashley Roberts. We sat down to have a chat with him about his top tips for achieving some different looks, and have turned his advice into this all-encompassing guide.

How to Create a Snatched Pony Using Hair Extensions

Many of you might be cautious about a style like this if you’re not quite as experienced when it comes to extensions, which is understandable—the last thing any of us want is for clips or tracks to be visible through thin layers of hair, especially when the hair is pulled so tight and slicked down as it is in this sort of style.

This look is all about prepping the hair correctly and using the right products to make it as easy as possible to get that proper snatched look. One thing you want to avoid though, is using extensions that are too thick or have too many clips, which will end up making your pony the size of a coke can which is definitely not what you want.

For this look we recommend our Multiway Weft for its versatility—there are just so many ways to wear this piece!

You’ll need: A brush, hair styling products, two hair ties, and your Gee Hair extension.

  • The first step is to separate your hair, with the back half being tied into a high pony and the front bangs clipped forward. The higher your pony, the more your face will be accentuated to create an edgy, sexy look. Don’t skimp on the hair product for this style, either; use hairspray on those wispy hairs on the back of your neck if they’re not quite able to reach the pony, or even styling gel!

Pictures screenshotted from ‘3 Ways To Work Gee Hair’s Multiway Weft’ on Youtube

  • This is when you clip your extension in. Clip it to your hair tie and wrap the weft around. This will conceal your real hair inside and the majority of your visible pony will be the extension. Top tip: you don’t have to fasten every single clip of the extension for this method—our Multiway Weft has five clips, so it might seem like a lot! We do recommend at least clipping down the first, third and fifth clips though.

  • Now it’s time to unclip the front of your hair, and use your second hair tie to blend in all that natural hair with the extension, hiding the tracks of the weft as well as making sure your pony won’t fall down over time. Again, don’t be afraid to use some hairspray for this step too, to keep everything in place!

Pictures screenshotted from ‘3 Ways To Work Gee Hair’s Multiway Weft’ on Youtube

  • The final step is technically optional, but for the finishing touch wrap a thin piece of hair from your pony around the hair ties for a more seamless finish, and voila!

Pictures screenshotted from ‘3 Ways To Work Gee Hair’s Multiway Weft’ on Youtube

How to Style a Bun with Hair Extensions

Buns are super versatile—you’ve got your messy buns, low buns, high buns, ballet buns, space buns, top knots, etc., etc.

If you want a super clean bun, you’ll definitely want to get yourself a hair net to keep everything in place. Great for more formal situations, or even if you want to keep it business-like. Hair extensions can be super helpful for the more messy styles, the ones which involve a lot more hair to achieve the right balance of actual bun and volumized hair/loose strands.

Gee Hair’s Volumizer one piece extension is a great choice for this sort of style, with its near-flat clips to help it lie totally undetectable in your own hair, making it great if you have fine hair to begin with.

A top tip for when you’re doing updos with your hair extensions, and this works for ponytails as well, is to clip the extensions upside down on your head—this way, there’ll be no bumps from the clips when you pull the hair upward to tie it in place.

How to Achieve Beach/Textured Waves with Hair Extensions

Our top tips for beautiful beach waves are:

  • Make sure you use the correct size curling tongs for the right size waves—for beach waves, you’ll want an iron that is one-to-two inches in diameter.

  • Make sure the technique you’re using isn’t all just going in the same direction—this will make it look more natural, like you just got back from the beach and your hair just happens to look this good.

  • When using a product to texture the hair, like salt spray or volumizing powder, don’t be afraid to use a lot and build it into the hair. If you’ve never used products for this before and you don’t know how your hair will react, it’ll be better to start small and build, but don’t be afraid to be generous with it once you get the hang of it!

How to Create a Half-Up, Half-Down Look with Hair Extensions

When it comes to half-up, half-down hairstyles it can be easy for those of us with thinner or shorter hair to write them off as being not for us. But with hair extensions at the ready, they totally can be! Even for those of us with longer hair, trying a half-up hairdo for the first time can be frustrating when we don’t even seem to have enough hair for the ‘down’ part of half-up half-down.

  • When you’re determining the perfect placement for your parting, for the bit where the hair is separated into the ‘up’ part of the hairdo, use the arch of your eyebrow as a guide!

  • Tie your hair into your pony or bun, whichever you like for this style. If you do a ponytail, you’ll still want to clip it into a temporary bun, just to keep it out of the way.

  • Now to work on the ‘down’ part of your hair! This is where you’ll clip in your hair extensions. We recommend our Multiway Weft seamless halo one piece, for ease of use and because it’s such a full, big piece it’s perfect for this sort of style. Section the top layer of your hair off and clip your extension in as you usually would.

  • Blend your extension effectively through styling, whether you straighten all your hair or curl it (we recommend curling or waving, as giving the hair texture can be a life-saver for blending in extensions).

How to Get Perfect Vintage Waves with Hair Extensions

So, you want to achieve those gorgeous vintage waves you’ve been on celebs and Insta models. They look so good, and they’re surprisingly simple when you know what you’re doing. It’s all about making sure each curl is going in the same direction, all the way around your hair. It’ll take some time, but it’s so worth it!

Use our Volumizer one piece hair extension (recommended because there’s so much variety with the thicknesses, lengths and wideness of it for all types of hair!) to achieve the luxurious volume and thickness that will make this style truly amazing.

Using the correct size curling tongs is also super important for this look, as you want to be able to comb out the curls at the end for that signature wave that’s not too tight but shapely enough to be eye-catching.

  • Section your hair off and apply the extension of your choice (we recommend our Volumizer extension since it’s so versatile, and also all one piece which makes it a lot easier to work with for styles like this).

  • Then decide which side you want your hair to curl away from your face, and which side you want the hair to curl toward your face—because remember, it’s important that they’ll all be curling in the same direction!

  • For the side curling away from your face, you’ll curl the hair by placing your tongs behind the hair you’re curling, and wrapping it around that way. For the opposite side where the hair will curl toward your face, you’ll want to place your curling tongs in front of your hair before wrapping it around the iron.

  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the look taking shape right away! The next part is where the magic happens.

  • Once you’ve got all your curls, making sure they’re about the same size and all in the same direction, you’ll want to brush them out. Many stylists use a paddle brush for this, but we recommend a comb for a perfect finish. Because all your curls are the same way, the waves they turn into will also face the same way. It still might look a little messy, but never fear! Some hairspray will do the job of making your waves perfect and making sure there aren’t any flyaways—after all, this is very much a look that prides itself on being perfect, and you can’t have any hairs out of place!

How to Style Braids Using Hair Extensions

For braids, it’s important that you end up with a clean and tight result—no one wants a loose, saggy braid! Keeping the tension tight is a must for this look, and using the correct products is the solution for this. Depending on your hair, this may take some trial and error, but we recommend using Gee Hair’s Soul M8 hair extensions for the best results!

For a ponytail braid, feel free to follow the instructions for the snatched ponytail style, but of course braiding instead—here are some top tips for the best braids:

  • Add some texture. You can spray your roots and the length of your hair with dry shampoo before you begin your braiding; clean hair can sometimes be too sleek and slippery to braid, and it’s important that your hair holds that style and doesn’t loosen too easily!

  • Don’t put too much product on your hair beforehand, though! You don’t want your hair to be too stiff

  • Put your extensions in before anything else—smaller wefts are definitely preferred if you’re having a style like Dutch braids for instance. If you’re just having a braided pony, it’s easier to go for a one piece weft!

  • Use a fine-toothed comb to tease the hair at the crown to add some volume and grip to boost your look!

  • The secret to the perfect messy braid is actually to create a perfect one first. You want to start with a more secure, clean braid, then you have the control to be able to mess it just how you like, without fear of it just falling apart.

If you’re going to be trying a style like Dutch braids, we recommend our Soul M8 extension set to make your hair look as good as possible, with not only the perfect amount of thickness but also the perfect weft sizes!

For Dutch braids (or any braid style that involves one braid on either side of your head), you’ll want to position your extensions just so:

  • Starting on one side of your face, section your hair about halfway down, creating a parting line diagonally toward the nape of your neck. Take a 3 clip weft and clip it upside down—yes, you read correctly. This will help stop the clip from pulling against your hair when you do the braid, and help it lie flat. Try not to clip it directly on the parting, or too close to the front of your hairline either, otherwise there’s more chance of seeing the clips poking through!

  • On the same side, you’ll want to create another hair section a little further up—take a 2 clip weft and apply it, again being careful about the position. This one doesn’t need to be upside down!

  • Then do the exact same for the other side of your hair. And you’re all ready for long beautiful braids!

Now go and create some beautiful styles!

We hope these tips have been helpful in your endeavour to create stunning hairstyles with that extra oomph that our hair extensions will give you!

If you’re struggling with finding your perfect shade to make your hairstyles look as natural and as seamless as possible, check out our colour guide. We’ll help you find the shade that’s right for you, so you can make the most out of your extensions and look your best!

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